Natasha Phillips

Natasha Phillips

Associate Company Secretary

Natasha focuses on Corporate Governance, Shareholder Relations and supporting the Board of Directors. 

Natasha’s legal background is comprised of an undergraduate law degree from the University of Kent, followed by an LLM from Queen Mary University of London in Commercial and Corporate Law, in which she gained a Distinction.

Prior to joining Cranemere, she worked as a company secretarial assistant in the corporate services team at Intertrust Group in which she assisted with transactional work, oversaw routine company secretarial duties and supported the Boards of Directors of an extensive portfolio of companies operating in financial services.



The qualities I admire most in others are honesty, integrity and a drive to succeed, combined with the ability to remain humble. It is inspiring and refreshing to be surrounded by people who are fiercely hard working and possess a growth mindset, recognising that there is always something new to be learnt from every new person or experience.

What I like best about Cranemere is the atmosphere of camaraderie amongst the team. There is a real sense of support at Cranemere which encourages both personal and professional growth. Working amongst talented strategists, founders and entrepreneurs is a truly inspirational environment to be in and drives the commitment towards reaching the shared goal of playing our part in the growth of the business through its unique long-term approach to supporting businesses.

I can get to know someone best by asking thought provoking questions which help me to piece together, not only what someone knows, but more importantly, how they think. I find it exciting to encourage people to talk about what inspires them, what their fears are, what challenges they have faced and their thought processes in strategizing ways to overcome problems. I am motivated and inspired by listening to someone’s story and figuring out what drives them to do what they do.