Building for the long-term

Partnerships for good.

Building for the long-term

Our Story

Cranemere is a long-term holding company for founders, management teams and family-owned companies in the United States and Europe. We are a partner dedicated to building sustainable growth and value for all our stakeholders.

Cranemere is the sort of partner a CEO can only dream of. They are truly invested in my business, my people and our vision. They allocate the time and resources needed to build great companies.

Our Companies

Paul DeVries

Founder/CEO of Exemplis

Cranemere shares our values of accountability, respect and excellence, and we are pleased to partner with their team to continue generating sustainable growth at NorthStar.

Our Companies

Adam Spiegel

NorthStar Anesthesia CEO

Cranemere believes in building companies the right way and works closely with management teams to help drive strategy and success.

Our Companies

Brian McCluskie

CEO Engineered Stone Group

We’re in for the

True innovation, impact and growth require a long-term perspective. Cranemere partners with companies to create shareholder value over decades not quarters. This longer time-frame allows us to invest in and build our companies, including supporting them in their development as environmental and social leaders. Our commitment makes us a differentiated partner for founders, family-owned companies and management teams who share these values and want to build great companies that last.

Our Shareholders

We’re in for the  long-haul

We are partners for
the long haul.

We are committed to the long-term success of our businesses.

We are committed to the long-term success of our businesses.

Partnerships for good

Cranemere’s unique structure permits it to take a long-term view funding capital investments and acquisitions to accelerate growth and build lasting value for all stakeholders.

As a highly-aligned long-term holding company, Cranemere provides owners with permanent capital, business-building expertise and global relationships to continue to invest, innovate and grow for generations to come.

Our People

Partnerships for good

We believe business can be a force for good.

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