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The Cranemere Difference

The Cranemere difference is in our perspective and time-frame. We are a long-term partner with permanent capital, business-building expertise and a global network.  We look for companies that share our focus on creating environmental and social value as part of business success. Our active and lasting partnership enables innovative founders, management teams and family-owned businesses to capture their full potential to build exceptional companies.

The Cranemere Difference
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The difference is in our perspective.





Shareholder Equity



Our people make a difference

The relationships we are building matter to our success. We believe in a lasting commitment to all our stakeholders, from the companies we own, to the people, environment and communities around us, and ultimately, to the shareholders who have put their trust in us. Our people make the difference in delivering positive impact.

Our people make a difference

We take time to build lasting relationships.

Cranemere is the sort of partner a CEO can only dream of. They are truly invested in my business, my people and our vision. They allocate the time and resources needed to build great companies.

Paul DeVries

Paul DeVries

Co-Founder and CEO of Exemplis

Cranemere shares our values of accountability, respect and excellence, and we are pleased to partner with their team to continue generating sustainable growth at NorthStar.

Adam Spiegel

Adam Spiegel

CEO of NorthStar Anesthesia

Cranemere believes in building companies the right way and works closely with management teams to help drive strategy and success.

Brian McCluskie

CEO Engineered Stone Group

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We are committed to the long-term success of our businesses.

We are committed to the long-term success of our businesses.

What's in a name?

What’s in a name?

Vincent Mai, Cranemere’s founder, grew up next door to an iconic farm in South Africa called Cranemere, which is home to the national bird, the Blue Crane. Blue Cranes are monogamous with long-term pair bonds. The farm has been operated for seven generations by one family – each generation improving the farm before handing it on to the next. The Seventh Generation Principle, an ancient philosophy from indigenous peoples, refers to ensuring that decisions regarding energy, water and natural resources, are sustainable for seven generations into the future. Our firm is inspired by this philosophy and the power of private enterprise to steward businesses with enduring values over generations.