ES Group –Extraordinary Surfaces

ES Group
ES Group
ES Group

Area of Focus Design and Manufacturing

Partnership Date 2016

Headquarters London, England

The Cranemere team recognized the significant opportunity in mineral composite and has supported the management team by making strategic acquisitions, expanding our geographic reach, and helping to establish a leader in the segment with the most compelling value proposition for our customers.

Brian McCluskie

Brian McCluskie


Company Profile

The largest designer and manufacturer specializing in mineral composite bathroom products in Europe

ES Group – Extraordinary Surfaces  (“ES Group”) is the largest producer of mineral composite shower trays, bathroom sinks and bathtubs in Europe. It has a leading position in all the major channels (independent retail, DIY, wholesale and OEM) and all the major countries including France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia.

ES Group is a European corporation established to be a global leader in mineral-based products. The company’s portfolio of brands includes Marmite, Acquabella, Oh my Shower by F&D Group, MC Bath, Fiora, Nuovvo, Aquatica, MTI Baths and Resiblock.

ES Group masters mineral composite and solid surface technologies, to deliver long lasting, high quality products for the bathroom space. Mineral composite is an innovative material from natural stone and resins that offers incredible design possibilities to produce elements with extraordinary shapes and textures, silky and warm touch, enhanced strength, and improved heat retention and acoustic properties.

Our technology provides products pleasant to the eye and touch, which are also long lasting, easy to install and 100% Silica free.

The ES Group is led by Brian McCluskie, a seasoned manufacturing executive with a track record of driving substantial value creation through operational improvement.  “Our amazing journey over the last few years would not have been possible,” said McCluskie, “without the alignment of shareholders, owners and management: a perfect balance.” The ES Group has nine manufacturing facilities across Europe and North America and employs approximately 2,000 people.

Partnership Highlights

  • Cranemere and management identified an opportunity to build a global leading material specialist focused on mineral composite products.
  • ES Group has been built through the acquisition of nine companies to date. It started with the acquisition of Marmite in 2016 and now includes brands such as Acquabella, Fiora, Mcbath, Nuovvo, F&D, MTI, Aquatica, and Resiblock acquired from 2020 through 2022.
  • The Company is more than four times larger than it was at the time of Cranemere’s initial acquisition of Marmite.