MO Summit 23
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Company Profile

The Cranemere difference is in our perspective and time-frame.

Cranemere is a long-term partner with permanent capital, business-building expertise and a global network. We look for companies that share our focus on creating environmental and social value as part of business success. Cranemere’s active and lasting partnership enables innovative founders, management teams and family-owned businesses to capture their full potential to build exceptional companies.

At MO, leading impact CEOs engaged, learned, and forged new paths on critically important topics. The Summit included a combination of core panel topics and deep networking. Cranemere is among the businesses that are redefining capitalism and creating solutions to the world’s pressing social and environmental issues. Cranemere is creating enduring value through strategies that leverage the inherent link between natural, social, and financial capital.

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MO Summit 2023

Partnership Highlights

  • Cranemere offers innovative founders, entrepreneurs and management teams a long-term, values- aligned partnership with permanent capital, business building expertise, and a global network.
  • Cranemere is a distinct alternative for those who do not believe that traditional private equity, going public, or being owned by a large corporation is the ideal path for their business.
  • Cranemere shareholders are select institutions and major families from around the world, who have built businesses over several generations, and who support our operating companies’ expansion.
  • Cranemere permanent capital allows us to create more value by focusing on building exceptional companies over the long term. Without an artificial time constraint, we are singularly focused on growing businesses and capturing their full potential in partnership with management.
  • Cranemere avoids the pitfalls of short-termism: the cost, inefficiency, and distraction of being repeatedly sold, the burden of excessive leverage, and the resulting missed opportunities to grow the business.