Anjali Kapadia

Anjali Kapadia


Anjali focuses on identifying and evaluating potential acquisitions and partnering with Cranemere’s operating companies. She currently works with the teams at Velocity Vehicle Group and Crossroads Equipment Lease & Finance.

Prior to joining Cranemere, Anjali was an Investment Banking Analyst in the Global Industrials group at Goldman Sachs. She graduated with a B.S.B.A. in Finance and International Business from Georgetown University.

If I weren’t in finance, I’d be a teacher. Previous summers involved me and a couple dozen middle schoolers at the whiteboard, solving for unknowns and proving trigonometric identities. My students brought an electric energy to the room, and seeing the ‘aha’ moment on their faces after cracking a tough problem always made my day.

When I’m not working, I’m eating! I love discovering new restaurants and cooking unique dishes that challenge my rudimentary culinary skills. Food has always been a meaningful avenue for me to meet New York’s diverse population and their respective cultures.

Working with companies is satisfying because we can tap into the hidden potential of a variety of industries. At Cranemere, we help create sustainable value through long term capital. With each project I work on, I look forward to producing the next generation of market leaders and helping companies reach their goals.

I like working with founders/entrepreneurs because I am constantly inspired by their drive to overcome obstacles and develop innovative products. Together, Cranemere and founders can build companies up and make a positive difference in our communities.