Evan Farber

Evan Farber

General Counsel

Evan joined Cranemere in 2018 and serves as our General Counsel. He has more than 20 years of transactions, compliance, governance and legal experience, consisting of more than ten years as the Chief Legal Officer of The Advisory Board Company, which was a publicly-traded company focused on the health care and education industries until its successful sale. At The Advisory Board Company, Evan also managed its legal, privacy, information security, business affairs, real estate and information technology functions. Prior to The Advisory Board Company, Evan was a partner at Hogan & Hartson LLP (now Hogan Lovells). Evan is a graduate of Binghamton University (SUNY) and The George Washington University Law School.

My father taught me at an early age that all business is personal. He emigrated from France as a child and worked as a pharmacist until he saved enough money to open a pharmacy of his own. He worked hard to build a successful business and worked even harder to build a business he was proud of and that served an important role in the small community. He cared for his customers like they were family and treated his employees with kindness and respect. He chose to work with vendors who similarly valued giving back to his community.

I started to work in the pharmacy when I was in middle school, although it wasn’t until I became a lawyer that I actually appreciated how hard my father worked to support the people who relied on him. When I look at a transaction or assess an issue today, I try to apply the lessons I learned from him:  All business is personal, the choices we make will have an impact on others, and all stakeholders should have a voice.

It’s still important to me to stay involved in my community. I’ve been involved with and supported the Children’s Law Center in Washington, DC for more than ten years. It is an organization that helps families navigate the health care, family court, and education systems. My work with CLC and other non-profits has provided me with opportunities to have a real-world impact.

I enjoy helping to build businesses in a place like Cranemere that also believes that business is personal – for management teams, employees, and those we chose to do business with. Because of our commitment to meaningful ESG and the communities we touch, I believe that even at work, I’m helping to have a positive impact on my community.