Rosario Corcione

Rosario Corcione

Managing Director

Rosario joined Cranemere in 2019 and leads our activities in Europe. He is a member of the Board of the Engineered Stone Group.

Prior to Cranemere, he was a Senior Principal in the Direct Private Equity team at CPP Investments, where he was responsible for the European Industrials and Business Services verticals, and where he led major investments in the technology and information industries as well.

Previously, he worked at First Reserve, AEA Investors – where he worked with Vincent Mai and Chris Mahan, Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity and Goldman Sachs.

Prior to business school, Rosario was a Lieutenant of the Italian Air Force, graduating first in his class from the Italian Air Force Academy, where he was Valedictorian. He received a MSc from Bocconi University’s School of Management in Milan and a BA cum laude from Federico II University in Naples.

I have loved airplanes since being a child and I have been enormously lucky to make that part of my previous professional life. That afforded me the privilege to grow up alongside a group of truly extraordinary people in the Italian Air Force – to these days, that experience keeps reminding me of the meaning and power of values-based leadership, and I’m proud of being part of a team at Cranemere that embraces a values-based culture in all facets.

The quality I admire most in others is humility. Nobody has all the answers, nobody can do it all on their own. Humility breeds grit and a growth mindset, it breeds collaboration and teamwork, it breeds generosity and gratefulness: in investing, I believe that all is foundational to courage and conviction, as opposed to reckless risk-taking.

If I weren’t in finance I would possibly be teaching, or be involved in education anyways. Education, and particularly some teachers and instructors I’ve had the fortune to cross paths with, have literally changed my life for the better and opened doors otherwise most improbable. It would be most fulfilling for me to enable the same for many young people.