Our Shareholders

Creating Value for Our Global Shareholders

Our shareholders are individuals, families, and institutions from the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Latin America, and the Middle East. Many of our shareholders have built businesses over multiple generations. All our shareholders understand the value of finding and building outstanding companies that can scale and grow meaningfully with careful long-term stewardship, and with environmental and social leadership being an integral part of the process.

Our shareholders are aligned with our vision of long-term value creation and play an active role by lending their network and expertise. They have joined us because we embrace strategic long-term thinking and a true partnership mindset, manage risk carefully with conservative leverage and support investments in growth. Our model is highly cost-efficient, compounding value through accretive free cash flow reinvestment.

We have an engaged, shareholder-led governance structure and management incentives that strongly align us to build significant value in our operating companies over the long-term.

 Creating Value for Our Global Shareholders
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Our shareholder relationships span the globe.