Amy Stout

Amy Stout

Operating Partner

Amy Stout is an Operating Partner at Cranemere, and also serves on the Board of Directors for NorthStar Anesthesia. Amy leads Cranemere’s hospice initiatives.

Prior to joining Cranemere in 2020, Amy spent 20 years at the Advisory Board Company, most recently serving as the CEO for Advisory Board Research (now a division of Optum). In this role, Amy had full P&L responsibilities for the business ($170M in rev), and directly oversaw strategy, operations, product development, sales and client management, and the building and maintenance of a talented leadership team and positive culture.

Amy earned a BS from the University of California at Santa Barbara and her MBA from Stanford University.



My upbringing influenced who I am today┬ábecause I was surrounded by parents who believed in making an impact. My mother was an English teacher whom her students loved, and my father a pediatric nephrologist, who not only cared for sick kids, but also helped establish dialysis clinics in Guatemala. They both instilled in me a sense of being part of something larger and the importance of giving back. Because of them, I’ve been drawn to professional experiences that have a broader mission and purpose.

I joined Cranemere because it is a place where people believe that building a company for long-term success requires ongoing investment in the business, its people, and its culture. Having worked at public companies, being able to think about long-term results vs. short-term gains, is extremely exciting and I believe allows us to make better decisions in tandem with our operating company leadership teams. Just as important is the commitment Cranemere has in supporting our talent and promoting a positive culture within our companies.

The best part of my day is having dinner with my family and playing with my four dogs.