Eddie Gandevia

Eddie Gandevia


Eddie has more than ten years of experience acquiring and building businesses. He focuses on identifying, evaluating and partnering with Cranemere’s operating companies. Eddie works closely with the Engineered Stone Group. Prior to Cranemere, Eddie spent several years working for McKinsey & Company and founded and sold an EdTech company. He has an MBA with honors from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, and a Bachelor of Laws with honors and a Bachelor of Science from the University of New South Wales.

I joined Cranemere because I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I find it inspiring to challenge the status quo and to create a new and better way. And Cranemere is doing just that. Having a longer term view enables us to build better businesses, reinvest more in innovation and expansion, and create more value for all our stakeholders. Helping to pioneer this model and challenge industry norms is a sustaining, compelling vision.

I enjoy working with management teams and founders, because it offers diverse opportunities to develop strategy, build high-performing teams, and to drive execution. It’s a real privilege to partner with and learn from the courageous, character-driven leaders doing this across Cranemere’s team and operating companies. This passion extends beyond the individual company or individual – I’m eager to be part of the ways that capital, technology and business can capture the opportunities and address the challenges facing our world.

When I’m not working, having dinner with my wife, or wrestling with my kids, I’m looking for adventure and to push my limits. I get real satisfaction from challenging myself and doing things that scare me – whether that is ski-mountaineering, ironman triathlon, or learning how to make music. Life is short; I like to live it to the fullest.